Friday, May 20, 2005

The gift that never needs dusting...

It all began one year when my parents decided they did not want to give the usual christmas detritus to our family. They wanted to give gifts that meant something but would actually be more meaningful than a "deluxe car jack and emergency travel kit" or a god awful sweater that is never to be worn. They went to World Vision online and bought each of my family members a goat for christmas. We made tree ornaments to go with the gift cards and gave our family gifts that went to really needy families in underdeveloped countries. Most of our family was as excited and happy about these presents as we were, and we have been giving them to each other ever since.

I began looking at heifer international when I realized that World Vision had a less secular purpose. While I have never questioned god, I question what man teaches in her name, and had no desire to spend my money furthering those teachings. I went looking for an organization that would allow me to assist needy families in learning to better their lives without religous overtones. I found Heifer International.

Heifer International promotes an end to world hunger through a sustainable development ideology. Not only does your donation of a bee-hive go to a needy family but with it training on how to use and care for the hive. Additionally each recipient of a Heifer gift must pass another gift on to another needy family in the future. So a recipient of Rabbits must pass on two female and one male rabbit to another family.

Their program promotes a sense of community and turns recipients of charity into those able to pass along charity, a healthy and amazing transistion for these families. So for the upcoming holidays or birthdays, or for fun, buy a gift that will not sit on a high shelf in the guest bathroom or stay buried deeply within a drawer, instead, buy something from the Heifer International gift catalouge.


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