Thursday, June 02, 2005

Free Speech and Content Discrimination

Content Discrimination is the restriction on speech based on viewpoint or ideas expressed, as opposed to regulating the time, place, and manner of speech. In order for the government to win a legal challenge in a case of content discrimination, they must prove that the restriction serves a compelling government interest. Ensuring that their President is not met with questions he is unprepared or unwilling to answer is not compelling in the eyes of the law.
Due to the growing pattern of removal of indiviudals with opposing viewpoints from publicly funded events the "Denver Three" and other victims of this discrimination have started the "Don't Privatize My Freedoms" campaign. This campaign is intended to expose the White House pattern of removing citizens from publicly funded events if there are indications they may hold opposing voewpoints. An examination of this pattern shows this issue does not solely effect young people wearing t-shirts that are intended to broadcast anti-agenda messages but also applies to teachers wearing "protect my civil liberties" shirts and college students wearing Young Democrat shirts.
This administration is engaging in content discrimination in violation of the 1st amendment, to join in support of the fight, visit and read more about the issue.


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